Al-Azhar USA Branch

The school of Al-Azhar has three branches in the United States located in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The Al-Azhar branch in Washington, D.C. is the main branch in the United States. The Washington, D.C. branch was officially opened at the Indonesian Embassy in 1980 by Sentosa (Ocenk) Basri and Tony Makmum with assistance from Ocenk's brother, Sudiaman Basri. The head instructor of the Washington, D.C. branch has changed over time. Yet through contributions of their time and the benefactors of their tutelage, the branch have always been maintained. To date, the Washington, D.C. branch of Al-Azhar has produced instructors whose accomplishments have ranged from national rankings in forms, fighting and weapons to leading as captain of the U.S. Naval martial arts team, in Annapolis, Maryland.

The Virginia branch was opened in 1999 in ADAMS center in Sterling, VA by Abdul-Malik Ahmad. The Maryland branch was opened in 2011 in Rockville, MD by Wona Sumantri and Richard Subaran.

Al-Azhar has been a non-profit organization since it was opened, lending itself to the pursuit of teaching the culture and traditions of pencak silat rather than monetary gain. Presently, the USA branches continues to hold weekly classes under Abdul-Malik Ahmad, Terra Kurnia, Richard Subaran, Rendy Sumantri and Wona Sumantri as Head instructor.